Belly Dance Performances

See Her Exhibit Her Belly Dancing

Belly dance performances, whether large or small, are a way to highlight one’s talents. PiperDance in North Riverside, IL performs at different venues, whether at events, haflas, or other belly dancing contests. This page highlights her past and upcoming belly dance performances so you can see her skills and techniques in action.

Upcoming Shows

The first show's information can be found on the following facebook page:

The Glint - Seven Deadly Sins - 10/14/17

The 2nd upcoming show is being held on Saturday Night, November 18th at Pineapple Dance Studio in Forest Park, IL.

Belly Dancing Performance

Catch Belly Dance Performances Today

If you are curious about belly dance, you can catch the instructor of PiperDance showcasing what she has learned over her years. You will learn a lot from watching what she has to offer, especially if you are a belly dancer with some degree of experience looking to hone your personal style. For more information about her upcoming shows, contact her today.

Enjoy this Video of Piper at the New York Theatrical Bellydance Conference 2016: